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XSEDE | Home

Example of XCEDE,  the remotely-accesible supercomputing cluster we talked about as another quasi- crowdsourcing example. 

Solve Puzzles for Science | Foldit - a better example of Brabham's definition of crowdsourcing than the examples he gives, Andy suggests. 

Physics: The Large Human Collider : Nature News

Update on Galison: CERN is now a 10,000 physicist collaboration. Article on a sociological study of CERN, via Emily.

CERN Seeks International Artists For Full-Time Residency | Smart News | Smithsonian

European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) in collaboration with the Liverpool-based Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT). 

Sunday at the Met: Brush Writing in the Arts of Japan - YouTube

Watching Tomoko's lecture on anthologies of Japanese court poetry at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art as part of my homework...