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Collaboration in digital spaces: "Born Digital" exhibits

Collaboration in digital spaces: "Born Digital" exhibits

Representatives from the Digital Public Library of America, National Museum of Women's History, and the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative discuss the collaborative use of digital platforms for exploring and engaging wide audiences and a variety of scholarly and participatory community partners.  Earlier today at the conference for the National Council for Public History in Baltimore, MD. 

Among the tools discussed:

  • Omeca (content management)
  • TimelineJS
  • Tiki Toki (also for building interactive timelines)
  • Neatline (for interactive map-building)

Types of collaborative partnerships mentioned:

  • Community folks (and sieving participants in documented history or local community) to supervise sensitive content
  • Scholars and graduate students to be content experts for writing
  • Classes/ courses to be the workhorse for gathering media use permissions, but also skills training in putting together online digital exhibitions