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Lynne's 10-second Research Video

1 min read

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Cat Norris's biography

1 min read

Cat Norris, an assistant professor of psychology, studies emotion and how different people respond to emotional events in different ways.  More negative people may respond more strongly to emotional events and it takes them longer to recover.  This may have an impact on their physical health.  Cat involves her students in all aspects of her research and teaching, from literature searches, to pilot testing experiences to analyzing and collecting data.  She collaborates with people from many other disciplines including philosophy, biology, neuroscience, and psychology.

Cat Norris's Research Statement in 16 Words

1 min read

Bad things are worse for you than good things most of the time for most people.    

Notes from Cat, Alexandra, and Lynne

1 min read

None of us liked the Bonilla piece, we all felt things were missing: e.g., no sense of how collaboration really works—it’s not that linear a relationship

Cronin—terminology was very inventive, master-minion, conceiver vs. maker, some long term collaborations on romantic partners—none of us think this would work for us J

NYTimes article—we all found fascinating, but wanted her to do more work in other fields.  Is there anything at place at Swarthmore to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Lander—Cat and Lynne loved this given our own work and fields, our attempts to get grants, and we wanted to think about how we might use these same arguments for getting more support for faculty at Swarthmore; Cat plans to share with her students which might be nice for all of us to do.